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Mercer County Police Academy

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:02 pm
by Marveloushebb
Does anybody know how tough the police academy is for Mercer County?

Is it tough as NJDOC? Will there be a lot of running?

If you're not able to keep up with the running, but they see you pushing yourself will they kick you out of the academy or they will let you stay as long as you're trying?

Re: Mercer County Police Academy

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:07 pm
by Areyouthereguad
I don't know about Mercer, but I know Essex could care less if you're trying but can't keep up. If you're trying at a job but not succeeding, that's admirable, but at the end of the day you either complete the job or you don't. Physical training is entirely on the candidate; none of the requirements are beyond any (non-disabled) individual as long as you put in the work ahead of time. Anyone can run 5 miles, but they have to train for it and prepared for it weeks ahead of time. I've been training since February and I'm still not where I want to be for academy, but I'm still out there at least 3 days a week putting in work.

Re: Mercer County Police Academy

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:04 pm
by MPD80
Police academies are as tough as you make them to be. If your not mentally and physically prepared, then yes it will be tough. You are expected to show up in top notch shape, the academy is not there to get you into shape.