Phase 1 and 2... and forward

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Phase 1 and 2... and forward

Post by 2k1610r » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:37 pm

I have my phase one and two the third week of this month. Was hoping to get some informative guidance from those who know and those who have gone through the selection process.

- What should I be wearing for the phase 1-4, assuming a suite to all of them? I honestly thought there was going to be PT in the process but doesn’t seem to be.

- Should I be showing up to these phases with my hair and beard trimmed all the way down, bald or leaving it as is okay? Again assuming I should shave everything to look the part?

- Any tips for me or the other candidates that are going though the process that may be helpful for making the process run smoothly. Any and all info would help.

- What is the psych like? Any examples that could be given?

Thank you -

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