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West Deptford (Gloucester County)

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This position will close on November 7th, 2020, or when the first 150 applications are received!


Effective immediately, the West Deptford Police Department is seeking to establish a list of candidates to fill a full time police officer position(s). The police department selection process will incorporate both untrained entry level candidates, SLEO II waiver candidates and current PTC certified police officers. Entry level untrained candidates academy rate is $36,771.00 and once the academy is successfully completed, $41,921.00. Depending on experience, certified and trained officers may be negotiable which will not exceed Step 10 ($52,221.00).

The candidate would be expected to provide protection of life and property, enforce criminal and traffic laws and to serve the citizens of West Deptford Township and the Borough of National Park. The West Deptford Police Department’s selection process is designed to identify the most qualified candidate(s) for the position of Patrolman.

The first 150 applicants will be considered and will be contacted via policeapp.com in regards to the physical fitness test. The Physical Fitness exam will be conducted by members of the West Deptford Township Police Department which will take place at the Riverwinds Community Center (1000 Riverwinds Drive West Deptford, NJ 08086) on November 14th, 2020 at 0900 hrs. After calculating the physical fitness scores, the top candidates will be notified and requested to participate in an oral interview and a potential second interview on a separate date and time. After the interview process, the top candidate(s) will be subjected to a psychological evaluation, medical evaluation, drug screen and background investigation.

If you are late for the examination, you will be eliminated from the process. All other notifications will be provided through PoliceApp.com. Do not call the West Deptford Police for your status or you will be subject to elimination.

There will be a $50 non-refundable application fee to apply for the position(s) (Payable by Debit/Credit Card Only). Read the Minimum Qualifications carefully prior to applying through PoliceApp.com.

Please set up an account with PoliceApp.com and complete the fields under SIGN UP. Once you complete the Sign Up form, you will receive a welcome email from PoliceApp.com. In that email it will ask you to "Click Here" to verify your email address.

When applying through PoliceApp.com you MUST UPLOAD the following documents:

1. Unofficial or official college transcript or copy of degree (must include name of applicant and name of school)
2. Updated resume
3. Physical Fitness Waiver
5. Liability Waiver
6. Complete the policeapp.com application form
7. If applicable, DD214 for military personnel

Only those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be allowed to proceed in the selection process. Partial or incomplete document submission will not be accepted and will disqualify you from the selection process & applications fees will not be refunded.

1. Must be a resident of New Jersey, at the time of appointment, and a citizen of the United States;
2. Must be at least 18 years of age and less than thirty-five years of age.
3. Shall have graduated from high school or possess a General Equivalency Degree (GED) and possess 60 college credits, or have prior military and or law enforcement experience;
4. Ability to perform all the tasks and duties of a Police Officer;
5. Possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license or able to obtain one;
6. No indictable criminal history conviction and of good moral character


Candidates who fail to meet the minimum requirement from any one of the events will be eliminated from the hiring process. If you fail to meet one of the below requirements, you will be eliminated from the process and required to leave the testing area. All genders will be assessed through the same standards.

The physical fitness test minimum requirements are as follows:

Warm up for at least 3 minutes;
Vertical Jump: 15 inches or more, then recover for at least 1-2 minutes
Sit-Ups: 28 repetitions in one minute or less, then recover for at least 5 minutes;
300 Meter Run: 70.1 seconds or less, then recover for 10 minutes;
Push-ups: 24 repetitions in one minute or less, then recover for 5 minutes;
1.5 Mile Run: 15:55 minute or less, then recover for 5 minutes

Note: Candidates should recover through active techniques (walking, stretching, etc...). The candidates may be given more time in between events due to the processing delays, but should not be given less time in between activities.


Please dress appropriately for physical exercises; bring athletic clothes and appropriate footwear with you to participate in the physical fitness test. You will be required to bring your own drinks in order to remain hydrated. The candidate is encourage to begin the hydrating process prior to the day of the test.

You are also required to complete the Physical Agility Medical Waiver. The waiver must be signed by your doctor and you must bring it with you the day of the test! You will not be allowed to take the Physical Qualification Test (PQT) without this document!

Lastly, you will be required to upload a Liability Waiver form. You will not be allowed to take the Physical Qualification Test (PQT) without this document.

If untrained, all candidates must successfully complete a certified NJ Police Training Commission Police Academy training course. Upon completion of the police academy, the candidate will be subject to a one year probationary period. SLEO II waiver candidates shall complete the required waiver training that is provided by the New Jersey Police Training Commission. SLEO II waivers may be subject to re-pay their current department according to 40A:14-178 and 40A:14-178.1.

The West Deptford Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind: the West Deptford Police Department is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and a diverse workforce.

Please direct questions regarding this position to jchambers@westdeptfordpd.com

Jobs close at 11:59 PM (Eastern) on the deadline date specified, or when the position capacity has been met, or unless otherwise specified in the announcement. If the deadline date is not specified in the announcement, the agency has sole discretion on setting the deadline and jobs may close without notice. It is the applicant's responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the deadline requirements and capacity limits as outlined by the agency.
Email: admin@njofficer.com
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