Division of Criminal Justice Hiring

Any sworn police officer hiring announcements post here.
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Re: Division of Criminal Justice Hiring

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Anyone in the background portion?
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Re: Division of Criminal Justice Hiring

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LisaR wrote: Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:29 pm
Giants12 wrote: Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:54 pm Hey guys , I’ve said this a couple of times but I’m currently employed with a PD andI’ve only had my phone interview in the middle of February. I haven’t heard anything since. Is there a way to check our status? I’m completely in the dark with this whole thing. Thanks guys.

Also does differ for those who have a full ptc ?
Yeah, we know. Boohoo my PD has too much paperwork, boohoo I hated the DOC, you seem ungrateful, people really want police jobs and you will never be happy where you go. And if you haven't noticed, CoVid is still going on so an applicant like you with an insubordination charge probably isn't on the top of their list right now.
Posts like this are not tolerated regarding people’s personnel/personal standing, regardless if they made them public for the sake of a question. To clear anything up about the initial question on the thread, I know people in past DCJ process and current. Regardless of what’s going on (COVID) they often move slowly and take time to notify. Expect six to nine months in some cases to hear back. You can always call or email to follow up. Which is not considered inappropriate. Finally, the stigma of something like insubordination will not be addressed or personally commented about on these boards.

With the current climate in law enforcement, many police officers are targeted as the gap widens between personnel and administration. Look around and you’ll see the climate continue to deteriorate. I will say it once again, comments like these will not be tolerated. No one here is to personally attack or comment on another persons status regardless, on this or any thread.
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