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Any sworn police officer hiring announcements post here.
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Bridgewater (Somerset County)

Post by Raven » Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:20 pm

Bridgewater Township PD anticipates between 5-7 vacancies for the 2020 process.

More important testing information to follow!

PHYSICAL FITNESS ASSESSMENT WILL BE HELD ON FEBRUARY 5th, 2020 at the Raritan Valley Community College, 118 Lamington Rd. in Branchburg, NJ!

(SNOW DATE: February 11, 2020)
Upon successful completion of the Physical Fitness Test, you will be allowed to sit for the Written Examination.
WRITTEN EXAMINATION WILL BE HELD ON FEBRUARY 22, 2020 at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School!

(SNOW DATE: March 7, 2020)
Under the direction of a Shift Supervisor, performs a variety of public safety work providing emergency aid, security and protection to the community’s citizens.

Patrol assigned area to aid in preventing crime and to enforce Federal, State and
Township laws, ordinances and regulations.
Observe, report and act upon conditions conducive to crime and danger such as checking buildings for security, assisting other officers on traffic stops and checking suspicious persons and vehicles. Reports traffic hazards and directs traffic flow when necessary.
Determine the nature of a call, investigates the circumstances, and takes any necessary and prudent actions. such as making arrests and transporting prisoners, Searching prisoners, collects personal effects and assures proper receipting and safeguarding of personal effects.
Provides assistance to the public in emergency and non-emergency situations.
Administers first aid and requests medical service.
Performs crisis intervention in sensitive situations such as family dispute.
Provides general information to the public on laws and ordinances.
Assists persons with complaints and inquiries or directs them to the appropriate authorities.
Prepare a variety of records and reports, such as reports on arrests, property impounded, accidents offenses and damage to property.
Performs pliminary investigative assignments on serious crimes. Conducts interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects and subjects progress reports on cases under investigation. Collects and documents evidence and may arrest suspects.
Appears in court, and is available to testify in matters which the officer has knowledge of.
Maintains proficiency in the use of police related equipment.
May assist in the training of new officers.
Checks business and private property for security. Investigates such conditions as open doors, broken windows, vehicles parked in suspicious places.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Federal and State laws, Township ordinances.
Content, intent and application of criminal law.
Adult and juvenile judicial procedures and criminal justice system.
Civil and constitutional rights.
Department regulations, policies, procedures and general order.
Laws of arrest, search and seizure.
Police Officer – Operations Division

Techniques of investigation and interrogation.
Criminal case preparation and procedures.
Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
Oral and written communication skills.
Report writing and case preparation.
Crime scene management.
Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Analyze dangerous situations rapidly and accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
Enforce State, Municipal and other applicable laws.
Determine appropriate level and scope of Police response.
Work courteously and tactfully with citizens and employees.
Salary earned while attending the police academy will be $800 bi-weekly
Salary earned after successful academy completion will be an annual salary of $48,083.00.
Top salary for the position of Police Officer is $113,641.00.
Annual College Incentives
Associate’s Degree- $600.00-$750.00.
Bachelor’s Degree- $1,200.00-$1,500.00
Master’s Degree- $1,500-$2,250.00
Medical and dental benefits.
Membership in the New Jersey Police and Fire Retirement System
Must be a citizen of the United States.
Age: at least 21 years of age at the time of initial application. Applicants must not have reached their 36th birthday at the time of appointment.
Must be a resident of New Jersey at time of appointment.
Must have a valid New Jersey driver’s license at time of appointment.
Education: an applicant must have one of the following;
A bachelor’s degree, signifying completion of the undergraduate curriculum and graduation from an accredited college or university.
An associate’s degree or have completed 60 college credits from an accredited college or university, and at least two years of satisfactory employment.
Completed 30 college credits from an accredited college or university, and at least two years of active duty military service with an honorable discharge.
Completed 60 college credits from an accredited college or university, and be a certified police officer by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.
Applicants to the Bridgewater Township Police Department may be automatically disqualified for any of the following:
Having been convicted of an indictable offense or received an indictable conviction expungement.
A conviction of any offense involving domestic violence.
A conviction of any offense involving a controlled dangerous substance.
A conviction of any offense involving public office, position or employment.
If you were ever adjudicated to have committed an act of juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency refers to the commission of an act which, if committed by an adult, would constitute an indictable offense.
If you were adjudicated by a court or found by an employer to have violated any person’s civil rights in New Jersey or any other state.
If you are currently on probation or have been on probation at any time within the last 12 months in New Jersey or any other state.
If you participated in a program of supervisory treatment or pretrial intervention for an indictable offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:43-12 or the equivalent in another state.
If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated two times or once within 5 years in New Jersey or any other state.
If your driving privilege is currently suspended or revoked in New Jersey or any other State.
If you were dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States military or law enforcement agency in New Jersey or any other state.
If you have ever renounced your United States citizenship.
If you are currently subject to a final domestic violence restraining order.
If you were ever terminated or asked to resign from a public office, position or government employment for misconduct involving your public office, position or employment.
If you have used marijuana or hashish within the past 3 years.
If you, within the past 10 years, have possessed or used any other illegal drug or drugs, including anabolic steroids, other than those prescribed or provided by a physician or purchased over the counter.
If you have sold or given an illegal drug to any person in your lifetime.
If you have manufactured any illegal drug at any time during your lifetime.
Visible tattoos, brandings and intentional scarring are prohibited. No visible tattoos, brandings and intentional scarring shall be displayed on the face, head, neck, arms (arms are defined as: that portion of the arm from the bottom of the shirt sleeve on a short sleeve uniform shirt to the wrist), wrist, hands, or legs (legs are defined as: that portion of the leg from the bottom of the uniform bicycle shorts to the ankle while standing.) In addition, members are prohibited from creating a sleeve of tattoos on their arms.

Offensive tattoos, brandings and intentional scarring strictly prohibited. Tattoos, brandings and intentional scarring is prohibited on any part of the body if they are obscene, profane, offensive, sexually suggestive, prejudicial to good order or discipline, of a nature that tends to bring discredit upon the department or discriminatory towards persons on the basis of their race, color, national origin or ancestry, religion or creed, age, sex or disability.

Physical fitness assessment
Written exam
Oral interview
Background investigation
Psychological exam
Medical exam
Drug screening
Successful candidates that are hired are then sent to the Police Academy.
Upon successful completion of the Police Academy, officers are assigned to a Field Training Program for the remainder of their probationary period.
Warm up for at least three (3) minutes.
Perform the 1-Minute Sit-up, and then recover for 5 minutes.
Perform the 1-Minute Push-up, and then recover for 5 minutes.
Perform the 1.5 Mile Run, and then recover for 5 minutes.
Important Note: Applicants should recover through active techniques (walking, stretching, etc.). Applicants may be given more time in between events due to processing delays, but should not be given less time in between activities.

1 Minute Sit-up: 28 repetitions
1 Minute Push-up: 24 repetitions
1.5 Mile Run: 15:55 minutes or less

Equal employment opportunity shall be afforded to Township employees and applicants for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, or the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap. This shall apply to recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, transfers, layoffs, terminations and benefits.

Bridgewater Township Police Department, NJ Police Jobs

Please direct questions regarding this position to
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