Looking for program or trainer

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Looking for program or trainer

Post by Antf22 »

I live in North Jersey and I’m looking for a trainer or program to prepare me for the corrections academy. I’m going to the academy in March.
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Re: Looking for program or trainer

Post by NLamendola1995 »

I live in south jersey now but I am currently in sleo II acsdemy for cape May. Start running at a decent pace starting with short distance and build up to long (like 5-6 miles). On top of that start doing a shit load of pushups, arm circles, squat thrusts (its a burpie but without the jump part), mountain climbers, crunches, leg flutters and leg raises (like 6 inches going up and down). Do that consecutively over and over until you think you can’t do anymore, then do 10,15,20,25 more. I.T will suck but that’s what you’ll be doing for aerobics (atleast that’s what cape May does). Also practice being in the push up position for a long period of time lol.

Basically you want condition your body to be explosive and have the endurance to do that stuff. Also run suicides every once in a while too.

Good luck - are you going to sea girt?
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Re: Looking for program or trainer

Post by Raven »

What Academy are you going to?

Before I went I trained in a place up in Fairfield with a personal trainer who helped get me into pretty solid shape before the academy.
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