Steps after the LEE Exam

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Steps after the LEE Exam

Post by Beck27 » Mon May 11, 2020 10:37 am

Hey y’all ... I was wondering what are the steps after you get your exam results? How does the process go? For example i know you have to be certified in order to receive a rank then after that you have to wait for an appointment. What’s the next step after that? The website doesn’t really break down the steps, I’m just curious if anyone knows. Thanks!
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Re: Steps after the LEE Exam

Post by futurecop » Mon May 11, 2020 3:38 pm

Get certified, which doesn’t guarentee u ever hear from the agency again. They certify more than they actually want to hire because some decline the cert, have bad backgrounds if an agency wants to hire 3, they’ll certify like 30 for example.

Get the letter and respond if u are interested or not within 5 days

If u hear from them, it’ll likely be someone calling u and telling you to come in for an orientation of sort. There you’ll get a background packet and be given a certain timeframe to fill it out. You’ll either be drug tested that day or upon return of your background check packet.

Now you’re in the background check, if you’ve filled out a packet.

If you’ve successfully passed the background check (timing can be 1 week-multiple months a lot of variables there)the investigator will inform you. If you failed, you’ll likely not hear from the investigator again-which sucks(maybe some investigators tell you I don’t know, never failed one)but if you failed Then you’ll find out in a civil service letter in a couple months when the verification is closed out(meaning after the hirings are done)

Someone contacts you for an interview.

If you do well on the interview, people usually do, then you get a “conditional offer of employment”

Take psych and medical and if you pass you get final offer

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