Age Cutoffs for Hiring & Retirement

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Age Cutoffs for Hiring & Retirement

Post by GRO2417 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:36 am

Hello, I’m applying for the 2019 LEE and interested in NJ DOC & Bergen County Sheriff Department. I’m prior-service and 34 years old. Can someone clarify if I’m tracking the retirement picture accurately, regarding age cutoffs:

PFRS - active-duty military service can be applied towards total credited years, and certain combat time can lower the applicant’s age for hiring purposes.

Hiring Agency - military service doesn’t apply to retirement, only time-in-service or actual years on the job.

My concern is working for about 28 or 29 years until forced retirement. In that case I can’t fully retire or collect benefits (without fees) from an agency, but keep whatever’s earned in PFRS. Am I tracking correctly here? Thanks in advance.

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