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Military/Veteran Status

Post by Hallj2 » Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:07 am

I wanted to create a Military/Veteran Status section because of my current experience. Being a reservist but going on deployment during the hiring period. I had to find out on my own to defer test and get in contact with the right people. So my deployment wouldn’t be a hurdle applying for agencies. Willing to take any advice from anyone with experience or knowledge about serving in the military while working at an agency.The hiring process and how the military service helped them.

Thanks in advance !

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Re: Military/Veteran Status

Post by Thadrow » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:00 pm

What's up?

Marine Corps Vet here.

What is exactly you're looking to get answered?

I'm guessing you couldn't take the test because of deployment? Happened to me in 2016 and I sent my orders to CS and I was able to take it later on. Had you posted earlier (if that was your problem before) I could've gotten you right to the person needed to talk about it. The only thing is I was still active during 2016 so I couldn't claim Veteran preference.. this upcoming test i have DV status now.. so don't forget to claim that preference.. helps a lot.

Now in terms of you asking how the military helped people in the process, I don't think investigators cared much but they always know that military people will make it through the academy. They'll give you respect first hand of course and expect you to be no problems.

Civil Service hiring comes down to how many they want to hire, military just helps you get on top of the every list (if you qualify for preference). If you don't have preference.. you're kind of like every other regular civilian on the list. I've heard where a department wanted 20 people which in total 30 were certed. the first 20 all passed the background and were selected with the remaining 10 being SOL at the time. So if you're number 21 in that instance.. better luck next time.

Now if you get hired and have reserve duty, you'll always be allowed military leave so do not ever worry about that. It's law.

Any other questions, you can ask away.

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