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Re: regarding phase 3-4

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Did my phase 1&2 February 24 and just completed my phase 3 via phone interview. You guys know because of the whole covid 19 they are trying to avoid exposure. Anyone know how long this will take? I managed to do pretty well in my opinion although I did have one small ticket for public urination which I forgot to enclose. He told me to explain what happened, which I did and he said just to send him over a statement after the interview. Mind you everything is being recorded. But from what I was advised the next class should be in July if corona doesn’t act up. Should I be concerned with anything? I mean how can they determine if you pass if everything is appearance. Another waiting game!!!!!!
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Re: regarding phase 3-4

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Phase 1 and 2 are completed by so many persons and now they are going to complete phase 3, this will be surely so interesting for them to complete 3rd s well. All these phases have best academized reviews that will surely help all the students.
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