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SLEO II is a good option, many people take that route but don’t limit yourself. Take the civil service exam, state police exam (April 2019) and also the alternate route program. Hope that helps.
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Joeyb wrote: Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:27 pm I was thinking about going the SLEO II route so that I don’t have to wait years to get into a full-time officer basic training academy. How successful are most SLEO II with getting full time jobs through a waiver, does it happen often? I feel that if it is fairly common, it may be the easier route to achieve my goal of working as a full time LEO, what do you guys think?

The SLEO II route is a great opportunity to get hired full time, but don't bank on that route in order to be waived. You may in fact wait "years" to be a full time officer. Some SLEO's get waived within a few months, and some get waived 2-3 years in, and some dont get waived at all.

If you look at the agencies point of view, SLEO's are a great change to "try before you buy". They look at your work ethic and your ability as a police officer to perform the job. That's why so many SLEO's hope around a lot, they like to get exposed to many departments. My advice; start off a SLEO down the shore, some of the best training can come from down there. Good luck.
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I think it’s a great route to take to get into law enforcement. Try to find a list of departments that have class II’s that will hire guys off the street and send them to the academy. Most hiring posts for class II’s require you to already be certified. However, many shore towns and deputy divisions will hire you and send you to an academy. These towns usually hire a bunch to send to the academy at once so the odds are in your favor. In most cases, it won’t be like (non civil service agencies) full time police hiring processes where you have hundreds of people applying to an agency that’s looking to hire 1 person then on top of that you have to already be fully certified, score in the top 30 on the written test and be blessed by Jesus Christ himself to be selected. So again, the odds are typically more in your favor to be hired as a class II. Depending on where you apply and get hired, your experience and duties will vary greatly. Some towns use their class II’s for patrol while others may assign their class II’s non patrol related duties. Either way, it’s a back door way to get into law enforcement and can ultimately land you a full time gig if you keep at it. Some guys will get waived right out of the academy while others it’ll take longer. It’s a process and typically a long one at that so just keep that in mind. Best of luck to you!
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