CBP is Hiring

Any law enforcement jobs out of New Jersey.
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CBP is Hiring

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US Customs & Border Protection is hiring.

CBP is made up of 3 components:

US Border Patrol Agents - Green Uniforms, patrol the Northern and Southern US Border and some locations in the Caribbean.

CBP Officers (Field Operations)- Blue Uniforms, work Ports of Entry along US Border and Int'l Airports & Seaports.

Air & Marine Agents - Tan Uniforms, patrol skies and waters around the US and Caribbean.

Visit CBP.gov for more detailed information. Most entry-level hiring is done for the Southern Border first with the possibility of transferring or swapping to the NJ area after a couple of years. NJ only has OFO or Office of Field Operations CBP Officer positions at Newark and JFK Airports and the Elizabeth Seaport. There are no OAM or USBP positions in our area.
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