Retirement Age & Benefit

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Retirement Age & Benefit

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Hello I’m 34 years old and taking the 2019 LEE. I understand that many police agencies operate on 30-year retirements.

Do any retired officers know of exceptions/options if someone finishes with 28, 29 years on the job, short of the full 30? Also, is health/medical insurance the main benefit for retirees?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Retirement Age & Benefit

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In order to be eligible for PFRS pension you must be 35 years of age or younger, and yes there is a 30 year retirement for 65%. However, the state offers a 25 year special retirement at 60%.

The benefits question is case by case, and depends on what department you work for. A lot of departments did away with benefits upon retirement, or you only receive them and your family does not. Hope this helps.
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