Sandra Bland case as described in "Talking with Strangers"

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Sandra Bland case as described in "Talking with Strangers"

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Malcolm Gladwell's talking with strangers attributes the Sandra Bland confrontation to proactive "beyond the ticket" methods training officers for heightened vigilance and suspicion

According to the book, such policies derive from the "concentration of crime" studies of criminologists like David Weisburd in urban areas like Kansas City.

The book suggests that elevated alertness is most appropriate for localized crime hotspots -- particular places, even at particular times.

Inexpertly, the book leads me to believe, that law enforcement and the public would be well served by tagging crimes by both specific place and specific time, such that localized crime hotspots could be identified, along with how they "evolve" (growing, shrinking, moving) throughout the day

Such that officers on patrol would know both where and when being the most proactive was the most appropriate -- perhaps say different shifts could be issued different hotspot maps, appropriate for both their patrol areas and patrol times?
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